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Refreshment Rides

East Lansing Route: Public Tour Mix and Mingle Tickets

Begin and end the tour at East Lansing institution since 1981, Harrison Roadhouse. From there, we’ll customize a tour for you stopping at 2-3 additional watering holes such as but not limited to: Beggar’s Banquet, BW3, Crunchy’s, Dublin Square, Hop Cat, The Peanut Barrel, Rick’s American Cafe and The Riv.  And much much MORE!

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Lansing Route: Public Tour Mix and Mingle Tickets

You’ll kick off your tour at Lansing Brewing Company and from there you can choose to stop at 2-3 fan favorites as: American Fifth SpiritsThe Exchange, Midtown Beer Company and more. We’ll pre-arrange the stops so all you have to do is pedal!

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Williamston Route: Public Mix & Mingle Tickets

Old Nation Brewing Company will kick off the tour and you’ll have the option to head to 2-3 of the following establishments: Brookshire Inn, Gracie’s Place, River House Inn, Tavern 109 and Willamston Pub and & Grill throughout Williamston’s quaint downtown.

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Best Bloody Mary Tour

Offering customized tours for those on the hunt for the perfect Bloody Mary, we offer an East Lansing, Lansing and Williamston tour on Sunday afternoons! There’s nothing like a good bloody!

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Makers & Shakers Tour

Some of our stops follow the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitor Bureau’s beer, wine and spirits trail of suggestions. So choose a few of these locations along any of the routes to complete your Makers & Shakers Tour.

Special events to be announced monthly.

Culinary Crawls

East Lansing Culinary Route

Begin at Harrison Roadhouse and you can choose your stops or, our knowledgeable team can give you customized recommendations based on your group’s palate. On this progressive tour, you can choose from establishments such as Beggar’s Banquet, Black Cat Bistro, El Azteco, Field House, Hop Cat, The State Room Sushi-Ya, and more.

Lansing Culinary Route

Beginning at Lansing Brewing Company, we will customize a low-key evening of bites to a full foodie fete! Choose 2-3 stops at restaurants such as: Clara’s, The Knight Cap, Tavern and Tap, Troppo, Waterfront Bar & Grill and so many more!

Williamston Culinary Route

Old Nation Brewing Company will be your starting point and together we’ll customize courses at 2-3 of the following establishments choosing from: Brookshire Inn, Gracie’s Place, Riverhouse Bar & Restaurant, Tavern 109, and Willamston Pub & Grill throughout the city.

Special events to be announced monthly.

Entertainment Experiences

East Lansing Arts

Begin the tour at Harrison Roadhouse and pedal your way down to world-renowned Saper Art Gallery for a guided tour with Roy Saper himself, showcasing over 1,500 original works of art (by 150 artists from 15 countries). You’ll then be whisked away to pedal to your next gallery of choice, found here. From there, bike back to Harrison Roadhouse with an optional stop at Velvet Candy Store to discuss the art of chocolate!

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MSU Sight Seeing

MSU boasts one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation. On this tour, you’ll experience all the sights MSU has to offer and enjoy historical antidotes and tall tales too.

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The Pedal & Paddle Tour

We are pairing with Rivertown Adventures to do a tour where the people pedal and then kayak.

Special events to be announced monthly.



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