About JoyRide Pedal Tours – Experience the Magic of a JoyRide

JoyRide was established by eternal entrepreneur Molly Chan, an adventurous soul offering the happiest bike experience on earth.  Molly was at Faster Horses when an idea came to her while everyone was sleeping.  A bike with a bar…YES!  After a few hours of making magic happen, Molly was the proud owner of 2 new JoyRide Pedal Tour bikes. 

Currently, two brand new bike styles (2016 Model) are available with 15 seats.  10 seats that pedal, 2 that sit with the pedalers and a 3 person bench at the back of the bike.  We offer planned and customizable JoyRides in Old Town, Lansing and East Lansing.  What’s included you ask?

  • Cooler with ICE and water
  • Karaoke Machine
  • Radio or you can make a playlist ahead of time and we have everything to hook it up to the bike with the exception of iPhone 7 (bring your dongle)
  • LIGHTS, lots of colorful LIGHTS
  • Can you decorate the bike?  Why YES you can!

We provide a JoyRide driver for every tour.  We also have a motor on each bike, the more you pedal the more the motor helps! BEEP BEEP

Type of Tours

Refreshment Rides

Dive bars, happy hours, college hot spots, MSU alumni haunts, craft beer stops, distilleries, coffee shops and more.

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Culinary Crawls

Progressive stops at the finest foodie establishments. Based on your crews’ palate…we can cater a culinary tour to satisfy any appetite.

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Entertainment Experiences

Art galleries, shopping, book clubs, family get-togethers, neighborhood progressive dinners, networking, company team building, historical tours, architectural stops and beyond.

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Exercise Expeditions

Spin classes on the go, boot camps in local parks, jaunts to local farms and more!

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Contact Us

517-388-8439 or send us a message.

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